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Jonathan Sackett and his family


Elect a County Commissioner Who Listens

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"As commissioner, I will take seriously my role to serve constituents and the issues you care about like the affordable housing shortage, improving public transportation, small businesses and economic development, driving down costs for municipalities, and preserving our parks and open spaces."

The job of a county commissioner is to fully fund public services, support a safe and thriving infrastructure, and manage a fiscally responsible, transparent budget.


It’s not about taking a stance on manufactured culture war issues as a tool to pave one’s greater political aspirations.


Yet in the GOP primary, my opponent participated in a race to the right to see who could leverage the most extremist clout. This does nothing to move Morris County forward.


Selen boasts about “voting to condemn” women’s reproductive rights and common sense health education in schools. This is performative and polarizing — A commissioner’s job is to support services for all, despite their political beliefs. That includes supporting our schools, teachers, students, and the diverse community in Morris County.


My job will be to ensure a fair, balanced budget that protects taxpayers' money and make sure they have fully funded services without unnecessary tax hikes. Most of all, my job will be to listen. I’m not running to grandstand – I’m running to serve.

Small Business and Economic Development Through Partnerships and Incentives
Address Affordable Housing Shortage Through Municipality Assistance and Establish a Homeless Trust Fund
(This trust is NOT funded by County taxes)
Drive Down Costs for Municipalities Through Shared Service Coordination
Fully-Funded Public Safety and Health Services
Continued Investment in Preserving our Parks and Open Spaces
Improve Public Transportation
Increased Communication with Constituents on Available Services
Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency
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Putting My Experience
to Work

A father of four, small business owner, and lifelong resident of Morris County, Jonathan Sackett is the voice we need. His background in economics, finance, and accounting and his experience as a local business owner provide both the understanding and real-life experience to tackle fiscal and quality-of-life issues. 


Jonathan is serving his second term on the Rockaway Township Council, where he has served as Council President and Vice President. 

Sackett grew up attending Rockaway’s local public schools where his children now attend. In addition to being the owner of Family Martial Arts Center, he is an active volunteer coach for almost every extracurricular sport you can think of! 


Jonathan has served on the education committee at Adath Shalom synagogue in Parsippany and is currently chair of Rockaway Democratic Committee. He is a graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in economics and accounting.



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  • Jonathan Sackett Facebook
  • Jonathan Sackett Twitter
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